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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding & Asphalt Ugly Shingles in Andover Massachusetts

New Hampshire Pressure Washing Mold & Algae Pressure washing mold and algae in New Hampsire
Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding & Asphalt Ugly Shingles in Andover Massachusetts

Blue Sky Knows Asphalt Shingles in Andover,Massachusetts are prone to serious attack by algae, moss and black stains. Shingle formulas have changed to include extenders like limestone, cellulose and various wood products. 

Less and less petroleum and felt ingredients are now used. The unexpected result is an increase in destructive algae infestation black or green shingle stains on thousands of homes all across Massachusetts & New Hampshire. The stains also attack wood shakes and clay tile roof material. Shingle manufacturers did not intentionally create this side effect. However, moss, algae, and fungus are now consuming and decomposing your shingles, just as a fallen tree is decomposed in the forest. 

Both are nutritious plant food; Shingle formulas will not be changing back to the other stuff. After significant testing and research, we discovered a safe and effective cure. Successful treatment involves understanding the cause of the problem, not just splashing chemicals on the roof. Equally challenging is that algae are able to flourish on shingles as we stand helpless on the ground. Once Blue Sky Power washing has treated your roof no other work is required. Rain will finish the rinsing process for you. The rapid rinse process can be used for immediate results.

Asphalt Roofs in Andover, Massachusetts has Moss, algae and fungus decompose shingles, wood shakes and clay tile, just as they do fallen trees. Algae, moss and fungus are not harmless. They are destructive and cost home owners millions in unnecessary water leaks and roof replacements. They even reduce the value and appeal of your home. One could argue that primitive algae are stealing from you. The look of most shingles after a few short years in service is disgraceful. Investing thousands in a new roof can actually make your home look worse, not better! Blue Sky has washed over 2000 homes in Massachusetts & New Hampshire & Maine call Blue Sky for a Live Quote for Your Home today 603-594-WASH!
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