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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Big secret about Ugly Shingles & Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers

New Hampshire Pressure Washing Mold & Algae Pressure washing mold and algae in New Hampsire
We now live in a highly infected Ugly Roof algae staining region. The limestone filler in your shingle is the cause. We have the solution, The Asphalt Shingle Manufacturer Association recommends a periodic cleaning process that is affordable and can remove those unsightly stains and restore your shingles original appearance.

The Big secret about Ugly Shingles & Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers

Ugly Shingles that should have a 25 year life span are being replaced in as little as 12-15 years because of cosmetics. This is why up to 50% of the Ugly roofs in New Hampshire & Massachusetts are replaced unnecessarily, when all they really needed was to be soft washed with Blue Sky.

Blue Sky is trying to get the word out, Don't waste your money on a new roof because of stains and appearance. Blue Sky treatment can make them go away for a fraction of the costs of a new roof. Call Blue Sky today for a Free Quote 603-594-9274
Roof Cleaning with Blue Sky Pressure Washing Service Pressure Washing in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts