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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soft Washing Your Roof all the information about Pressure Washing Your Shingles w/ Blue Sky

New Hampshire Pressure Washing Mold & Algae Pressure washing mold and algae in New Hampsire
Blue Sky Pressure Wash in New Hampshire truly 1 day soft washing service; was initially created as a cleaning technique for safely removing algae stains from shingle roofs. By nature, shingle roofs are designed to make a home’s roofing structure more resistant to damage from the elements, thereby protecting the inside of the home.

Soft Washing Your Roof all the information about Pressure Washing

The shingle roofing system is made up generally of three parts: fiberglass sheets, petroleum adhesive and ceramic or stone aggregate. These shingles are placed on top of a petroleum-based tar paper often called roofing felt which protects the wood sheeting or deck of the roof from moisture. All of this roofing anatomy quickly degrades except for the topmost and most important ingredient of a roofing shingle system, the aggregate.

Roofing aggregate is pressed into the hot asphalt- or petroleum-based adhesive on top of a shingle and it becomes a protective barrier for nature to attack and slowly eat away during a shingle roof’s life cycle. It largely protects the roofing system from two weathering elements: rain and storms, and solar degradation. This aggregate reflects the sun’s rays from the roof and over time is designed to weather away little by little completing the service life of the shingle roof system.

Blue Sky is trying to get the word out, Don't waste your money on a new roof because of stains and appearance. Blue Sky treatment can make them go away for a fraction of the costs of a new roof. Call Blue Sky today for a Free Quote 603-594-9274
Roof Cleaning with Blue Sky Pressure Washing Service Pressure Washing in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts